Narwhal Group Customer Privacy Policy

The Narwhal Group operates a number of websites used by customers in the United States and Canada to provide services including weather forecasting, weather-related alarming, product registration, and APIs to access various types of information related to the aforementioned services.

The Narwhal Group is committed to protecting users’ privacy and addressing potential privacy concerns, The following information has been provided to help you, the customer, understand what private information we collect and how your information is used.

Types of private information collected

To best serve your needs, we may collect the following types of information when you visit one of our websites.

Personal information

We collect the following personal information from our users:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Login credentials
  • Phone number

You can always choose to provide less information. However, omitting some of this personal information may limit your ability to access all the benefits of our services. For example, omitting your phone number will prevent you from receiving alarms via text (SMS/MMS) message.

Automatically collected information

We automatically collect data on how our users visit our websites such as your IP address, location, browser, browser language, operating system, device identifiers, and cookies.

Some of our websites may use cookies to enhance its functionality. You may disable cookies in your web browser, but this may limit your ability to access certain functionalities within the given website.

Social media information

The Narwhal Group currently does not query any social media platforms for links to any of the identification data you provide to us.

Policy on collecting sensitive personal information

The Narwhal Group does not gather any of your sensitive personal information, such as your social security numbers, driver’s license number, race, gender, ethnicity, health metrics, political associations, or details on your criminal background.

How the information collected is used

We only use your personal information to help you gain authorized access to services from The Narwhal Group that you are contractually entitled to access. This includes:

  • Login access to website
  • Communicating periodic forecasts with you
  • Communicating specific conditions that may be of immediate importance such as changing weather conditions or lightning occurring inside a specific area
  • Contacting you regarding changes in our company policies
  • Evaluation analytics to see how our customers engage with our websites

Length of time personal information is stored

We may store your information for an extended period of time, depending on how we need to use the information. For example, we’ll keep your email address and name on file as long as you have an account with us.

Who the information is shared with

Your private information is only used within the context of the services we provide to our customers. The Narwhal Group will never share your information with anyone outside of the company.

Information security

We do our best to keep your private information secure and safe. Most of your personal information is encrypted and is therefore protected from being accessed by outside users. However, data leaks and malicious attacks can happen. Please understand that while we do our best to protect your data, providing your personal information is at your own risk.

Ability to decline to provide personal information

You can, of course, decline to disclose your personal information to The Narwhal Group. However, failure to provide us with pertinent information may limit or preclude your ability to access services we are contractually obligated to provide. Remember, we only ask for personal information that is required for customers to access services we provide.

Additional questions

If you have questions regarding this privacy policy, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Someone from The Narwhal Group will respond to your privacy policy questions as soon as possible.

Policy update

The privacy policy was updated on 22-Apr-2024. If we adjust the privacy policy, we will email all account holders of any changes and post the most recent update here. Once posted, the new privacy policy shall be effective immediately.