Other Services

The Narwhal Group / Weathernet offers our clients expertise and experience helping to resolve issues involving complex weather phenomena. In a collaborative environment, we will develop and deploy sustainable solutions that are innovative, cost effective, and easy to maintain.

Weather Forecasting Services

The inclusion of input from meteorologists on expected timing and impacts of impending weather events is crucial to help make informed decisions on staffing and other preparation. Staff meteorologists can utilize information from your RWIS, along with additional technology and training to help clients make these important decisions. Forecast products and information can be customized to the client needs and meteorologists are available for consultation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS)

A significant part of developing a successful weather solution begins with road weather information system (RWIS) and other instrumentation services. Narwhal provides many RWIS-related services including site analysis, deployment, engineering, maintenance, and server/software management. The effectiveness of a RWIS and usefulness of the subsequent derived information is heavily reliant on systematic methodology for analysis of possible locations of devices.
The Narwhal Group is a Campbell Certified Integrator.

Forensic Meteorology

Narwhal can provide forensic meteorology consulting services. Hiring a qualified weather expert can have substantial benefits for clients in the legal world when the need for expert analysis, testimony, or weather event reconstruction arises.

Incident Meteorologists

Narwhal employs several meteorologists that have received Incident Meteorologist (IMET) certification from FEMA. These meteorologists are qualified to work as an IMET in an Emergency Operations Center or Incident Command Post under any hazardous incident or weather event if requested by a client. Having a meteorologist on-site during major events can help to streamline the flow of pertinent weather information into the decision process.

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